Jun 2,2013

Approaching Thailand

ARCHITECT13_ APR.30 to MAY.05,2013_ Bankok,Thailand_ IMPACT Challenger

During from 30th April to 5th May, 2013, the professional management team from World Trade Media participated in the 27th ARCHITECT13 holding in Bangkok, Thailand. With successfully opening 26 sessions, the ARCHITECT has become the largest building & technology exhibition in Southeast Asia. The DM Trading Magazine was published by World Trade Media Co., Ltd., and make use of this great event to distribute in international exhibitors. The global release of DM was not only available for exhibitors’ consulting, but also offered professional communication with many visitors from different parts of the world.

This year World Trade Media aimed to globally publish DM Magazine in English by setting up eight columns: BUILDING MATERAL WORLD, PREFAB&MODULAR, ROOF&FACADE INFO, POOL&SAUNA INFO, BRICK MACHINE INFO, PANEL INFO and FLOOR & ADHESIVE INFO.

In this grand ARCHITECT13, there were more than 600 famous exhibitors gathering together. For example, the well-known SCG, which enjoyed the most famous and oldest history of building development in Thailand, applied a huge booth covering over 1000sqm. Moreover, this exhibition also caught the attention of President of Thailand and he took time out from his busy schedule to come to the site for supporting this show. 

In this international show, you’ll find many enterprises focus on localized marketing, and their products give a strong identity of Thailand unique characteristics. Here are several typical examples from Thailand exhibitors: I-POT, engaged in gardening-style housing decoration, produces some special building materials in function of making all sorts of model; Fancy Handicraft is famous for producing Thailand antique furniture; Harmony concentrate on producing Thailand distinctive iron gates printed with lines; TWO THOUSAND PROGRESS is developing Thailand household style; EARTH CRETE COLOR devote itself to selling light-fixture and calcimine implying Thailand style; For many Thailand exhibitors, what they have in common with following aspects: external technical support mainly from Europe and the United States; raw materials mainly purchased from local, China and Europe areas; final products exported to Asia, Africa and Australia. For instance, SRITHIP CLASSIC STEEL applies the technology and raw materials from Italy, selling in Thailand, and wish to build up new market in China.
As far as we know, in order to make Thailand’s economy recover from 2011 floods, the government is making efforts in domestic stability, economic rebound, returning of work and building up new programs. However, these efforts have caused the rising price of real estate in Bangkok. In fact, the real estate markets in Pattaya and Phuket have also gradually been favorable for investors. 
By the statistics, the total amount of issued DM Magazine and related files had reached up more than 2000 in ARCHITECT13, and obviously achieved positive effects on the exhibition site. DM Magazine created a unique promotion and exactly received more and more attention from exhibitors. At first, we, as a professional team from World Trade Media, would have a face-to-face communication with exhibitors, knowing their needs of products and market development. Then, we would free send them corresponding industry magazine for getting more purchasing information from China. At last we also feedback what international buyers in the show need to our business partners in China. As a result, the exhibitors would pay more attention on the huge market where they can develop more potential partners with Chinese enterprises and get what material they need. Besides, we also had a close understanding with many visitors from Thailand, America, Russia, South Africa, Turkey, Brazil, Australia, Dubai, India and other parts of China. Some of them are successful entrepreneurs watching new products. Among them you can find some entrepreneurs were watching new products, some technical engineers were studying new industrial art, and some enterprises even organize a technical team for a professional visit. 
World Trade Media are committing itself to making a celebrated international brand for enterprises around the world. As our partners, you can easily get more attention from international core buyers, enlarge your overseas market, and increase the popularity and reputation of your company.
As a global media platform, we emphasize bringing unlimited opportunities, well connecting trading field, and leading Chinese enterprises to improve the internationalization process of business development. With our mission to help you develop an international brand, we will continue all along developing professional platform and refined service.
Please stay close attention on us if you want to know where our next destination is!
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